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Let My Experience and Knowledge Build You a Safe Work Environment 

My name is Claire Holmes, and I’m a health and safety service consultant with over nine years of experience working in the safety industry. Throughout my career, I’ve worked closely with local state and federal guidelines, being integral in creating and maintaining a strong safety culture wherever I’ve worked. My experience includes the development and implementation of OHS management systems, site risk assessments, incident investigations, and injury management and return to work procedures.

I recognize the challenges many small businesses face in developing safety systems and plans, and that is what led me to create Exmouth Safety Solutions. My aim is to assist not only established companies, but also new businesses who aren’t sure where to begin. I am committed to helping companies create and follow safety plans, and guiding those businesses through every aspect of the planning process. I will work closely with what is most important to you and your business, and work hard to find solutions that suit every need.     

I am Driven by the Desire to Help Others Succeed

With Exmouth Safety Solutions, your business is never alone in its quest for safety. Whether you require services to establish your own safety guidelines, or you need ongoing consultation to keep your company strong, Exmouth Safety Solutions is equipped to ensure the best outcomes for your business. Incidents can cost time and money, but a plan for safety will pay for itself. A solid safety management plan is easily accessible and reviewed often to meet the needs of the business. It cannot be assessed by the number of pages, but by the practical relevance to the company. And when your team is protected and armed with knowledge, they can be more productive, and business can run smoothly. 

In understanding my clients’ specific needs, I am committed to achieving both an understanding of workplace safety and a sustainable model going forward. With a strong work ethic, I know that dedication to what one believes in is the only way to truly achieve success.

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